Seven people graduated on August 27 from the C.E.R.T. class: Don Burchett, Hannah Schwartz, Thomas Leach, Andrew Ebert, Rich Lee, Dawn Lee, and Taire Cline.

C.E.R.T. or Community Emergency Response Team trainees were instructed in:

• Disaster preparedness
• Basic disaster response skills
• Fire safety
• Light search and rescue
• Team organization
• Disaster medical operations

Interested in participating in C.E.R.T. training? Residents of Moraine and those who live or work in its vicinity, age 18 or older are eligible for C.E.R.T. training.

To learn more about C.E.R.T., go to the National C.E.R.T. website:

Please contact Dee Werbrich at 535-1005 for more information.