Jim McGuire

Mr. McGuire and his wife, Doti, moved to the City of Moraine in 1995. They are blessed to have a daughter (Rachelle), a son (Jim), a granddaughter (Clare) and two great grandchildren (Chloe and Trenton).

Mr. McGuire is a graduate of Centerville High School and attended Sinclair Community College, where he studied a varied curriculum of important general business courses which have served him well throughout the years.

Mr. McGuire is retired from the automotive and real estate business fields and has a long history of dedicated community service.

• Elected as Council Member At-Large in 2008
• Serves on the Benefits Committee
• Serves on the Annexation Committee
• Member of the Moraine C.E.R.T
• Board member of the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC)
• Board member of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC)
• Serves as Chaplain for a local police department.
• Member of the Eastwood Lake Racing Committee
• Ten years of service on the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), eight years as Chairman of that Board
• Past President of the Kettering Optimists Club

“As a retiree, I am passionate about the City of Moraine and am readily available to continue my long history of service to the citizens of the community and I fully support City Staff and pledge to protect the interests of our residents. I see a bright and flourishing future for our fair city.”