Reach Program

The core goal of this program is to reach Moraine kids and get them involved in community service, broaden their horizons with experiences and life skills, minimize their exposure to ask risk behaviors, and the development of relationships with positive peer and adult mentors.

Moraine youth 10-17 years enrolling in this program will have the ability to participate in a variety of sports, cultural arts, tutoring, and field trips. To participate in the any of the events, youth must be involved in the Core Program.


Core Program Principles:

• Respect for community, adults, and yourself.

• Community Service Credits (Youth will complete projects in the community to earn credits that will translate into their ability to play in the seasonal leagues free of charge, participate in field trips, uniforms for their participation in leagues, etc.)

• Tutoring and homework help for those who need it/asking those who are doing well in school to help their peers.

• Rewards for good work. Youth following program rules, participating in community service projects, will get to participate in youth sports programming and attend group field trips.

• Contract for both youth and mentors willing to participate. Contract will state the programs expectations clearly. Violation of the contract means dismissal from the program.

• Involvement of mentors for youth from all Moraine School Districts and the Moraine Community.

• Every Moraine youth has the opportunity to be college bound. Help with financial aid/admission forms, annual trip to an area college or university.

The Reach Program meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30pm. For more information about joining this program please contact 535-1060.