DAY–PAK did it again!

Day-Pak, a longtime City business, played a significant role in once again helping the U.S. Marines’ Toys for Tots program flourish in our region. Through employee volunteered staff time, stocking during work hours, transportation pickup, storage and providing the drop off location, Day-Pak helped the Marines and the local program exceed 15,000 toys. Being such an amazing success for the past couple of years, Day-Pak was able to donate several thousand toys to the City of Moraine for use by both the Moraine Foundation and various other children’s activities run by the City throughout the year.

U.S Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny Santana was on hand during the donation to the City and extended the Marines appreciation to Day-Pak for all the wonderful work they continue to do with this program, even donating the bags for the families to pick up their toys. “Every little child deserves a memorable Christmas filled with toys, and that’s what Day-Pak, the Marines and our community were able to accomplish this year,“ stated Staff Sergeant Santana. Day-Pak President Tom Igleburger added that his company is proud to participate in the annual program. “We are very pleased to help the Marines and local municipalities distribute toys to children who are less fortunate.” The City extends appreciation to Doug Hatcher who helped with the donation arrangement.

If you would like to learn more about the Toys for Tots program please visit Day-Pak and to learn more about Day-Pak, visit