Teri Murphy

Teri MurphyMrs. Murphy and her husband Mike have lived in the City of Moraine for a over 30 years. Teri has two children Chad (married to Shannon) and Danielle (married to Josh) and seven beautiful grandchildren: Conor, Mary Jane, Gabriel, Will, Zoe, Olivia and Ryan. Teri has been active in the community for many years and has been involved with the Personnel Appeals Board, Charter Review Committee, Planning Commission, CHRC, Parks & Recreation Board, Neighborhood Watch and the Comprehensive Plan Commission Teri is also a member of the Moraine C.E.R.T and has gone through the Citizen Police Academy. She has been attending Council Meetings in the City of Moraine for approximately 20 years.

“I have really enjoyed living in Moraine and am looking forward to serving the citizens of Moraine”. If there is a problem or issue in the City, Teri can be reached at 937-293-7639 or tmurphy@moraineoh.org.