Mayor’s Court

Case Lookup & Payments

For more information call the Clerk of Courts at 937-535-1010

Mayor Teri Murphy

Fax: 937-535-1010

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Court Times (as of 01-01-24)


• 1:30 PM for prisoner video arraignments, arraignments, continued/dispo cases, pay/appear cases & pre trials

• 2:15 PM for expungements & trials


• With the exception of Law enforcement officers, probation officers and other persons authorized by this court, NO weapons of any kind are to be brought into or near this court

• All persons entering the court room will be wearing clean and proper attire as determined by Court personnel.

• No hats, inappropriate shorts, tank tops, tube tops, sandals, mini skirts, sunglasses or other improper clothing are to be worn in court. Pants will be pulled up, not falling below the waistline.

• No offensive language will be tolerated in or around the court. No offensive clothing is to be worn in or around the court.

• Any conduct that interferes with the operation of the court is prohibited.

• No food, drinks or muddy shoes in or around the court.

• Cell phones must be turned off (if a phone goes off during court proceedings, a $25 fine will be imposed and the phone confiscated, the phone will be returned once the $25 fine is paid.)

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