Are you intrigued by cuisine?

After much anticipation and delightful waiting, Fuyao has opened their restaurant ‘Taste of the World’ to both their employees and the general public. On Thursday November 16th, a grand opening celebration was held to share the experience with employees, and many public and private officials.

Fuyao held a wonderful ribbon cutting and ceremony acknowledging the hard work and dedication by the key players responsible for the restaurant. Those in attendance got to experience a delectable array of authentic food and the opportunity to network with peers.

When you can, you must try Taste of the World, they are open for lunch from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 9pm for dinner. Taste of the World is located just outside the Fuyao gates at 400 Fuyao Avenue (off Encrete) and can be reached at 813-2434.