PRC Membership Special

The PRC is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Back-to-School special! ALL memberships are 50% off the regular rate with the donation of $10 worth of school supplies or a $10 gift card from July 15 – August 31! All proceeds provide school supplies to children in the Moraine community.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of this special in 2016, the Parks and Recreation Division was able to provide a pack that contained pencils, crayons, and glue to over 100 children in the GCC Aftercare Program, Summer Lunch Program and Summer Parks Programs! Come and be part of this amazing opportunity to help yourself and help someone else too!

The Back to School Special runs from July 15 to August 31 during normal business hours. Special rate does not apply to monthly withdraws. Donations must be submitted at the time of purchase. Cash may be used to purchase memberships, but cannot be donated for school supplies. Special rate applies to residents/business employees/non residents of Moraine, in their respective categories. Please contact the PRC at 535-1060 for more information.