Project Cure Opens

November 2nd saw the celebration and grand ribbon cutting for Project Cure, a new 27,000 square foot medical facility located at 200 Daruma Parkway in our City’s Commerce Park. Project Cure became the second tenant of the Moraine Commerce Park, joining pioneering neighbor Threebond International. The Project Cure program was attended by numerous elected and appointed officials who joined in on the celebration and spoke about the history, services and success of the program.

“Project Cure started in October of 1970 in a small house in Dayton and through community need, expanded services, and an increased regional presence – has brought us to this day, a celebration of a state of the art facility, providing medical and recovery services to clients throughout the region.” stated Project Cure Transition Specialist Virgil McDaniel. Mayor Elaine Allison added, “the Project Cure mission is one needed throughout the Miami Valley, and Moraine feels fortunate to have played a role in assisting with the new location and beautiful building.”

To learn more about Project Cure, and their ‘treatment works, people recover’ program you can visit or call (937) 262-3500.