Winsupply achieves record sales, plans new strategies to sustain growth

The city of Moraine is home to several large companies, but one in particular has seen massive growth over the last year.

Winsupply Inc., a distributor of construction and industrial equipment, again made the Dayton Business Journal’s Top 100 Companies list for 2020. The company’s revenue was $3.92 billion in 2019, up 7% from the year prior. It employs 400 people locally and has 6,900 workers companywide, making it one of the region’s largest employers.

Winsupply also is one of the area’s fastest-growing companies, and for good reason. The company acquired two businesses and launched six new locations in 2019, adding to the growth it has experienced over the last few years. Already in 2020, Winsupply has inked four acquisition deals, bringing the total number of locations to over 600.

With strong revenue growth and an expanded footprint, Winsupply achieved record sales in 2019.

“It was our best year ever,” said Roland Gordon, president of Winsupply Equity Group. “In fact, the last six years have been our top years, so every year we are breaking records.”

Roland Gordon is president of Winsupply Equity Group.

When asked how they’ve been able to maintain such a high level of continued success, Gordon said it’s a combination of multiple factors. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy was rolling and the housing market — an industry that makes up a good portion of their customers — was strong. Gordon also noted there’s a lot of consolidation in their industry, and Winsupply has been a “prime player” in seizing new opportunities.

“We always want to make sure we are involved when a company does want to sell,” he said.

John McKenzie, president of Winsupply Support Services, said they offer an attractive exit strategy for small business owners who don’t have a traditional succession plan built into their business. He added the Winsupply model also is attractive to entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business.

“I think our business model affords us the opportunity to attract mature businesses, startup businesses and even diverse industries that aren’t part of our normal portfolio, such as plumbing, heating, AC and electrical,” McKenzie said. “Our business model really is about sustaining and growing opportunities for entrepreneurs in any way, shape or form.”

Though it’s been wildly successful in growing the business these last few years, Winsupply isn’t slowing down. The company is implementing several new strategies in 2020 to ensure continued growth.

One of those strategies focuses on distribution centers. These centers serve small business owners in a way that they normally wouldn’t be able to take advantage of due to their size.

“We offer big business buying power to the small guy in the market,” McKenzie said. “This is a defined strategy of growing our regionalized distribution footprint so we can help support local companies lower their investment, increase their returns and better serve their customers.”

John McKenzie is president of Winsupply Support Services.

Another strategy for Winsupply is growing its digital business. Gordon said they made a “huge investment” in the digital sector, and it is already growing faster than any other segment of the business. He admitted their industry is not on the cutting edge when it comes to technology, but Winsupply wants to break that mold by investing in e-commerce, inventory management systems and more.

“It’s all about helping our customers become more profitable,” Gordon said. “We sell to contractors, and for them time is money, so we’re looking at how we can use the tools at our disposal to help them save time and be more profitable based on the customer and their needs.”

While a lot is made of Winsupply’s sales growth and expansion across the country, Gordon said the most important aspect of the company is to help fellow entrepreneurs find success.

“The way our business is set up, we are able to give entrepreneurs a chance to own their own business,” he said. “Everything we do falls under the umbrella of helping the hard-working entrepreneur.”