Winsupply presidents move forward with ‘aggressive growth goal’

The region’s fourth-largest company continues to move down its path of acquisitions and expansions. Among the growth, it still continues to call Moraine home.

Winsupply, a distributor of construction and industrial equipment, ended its 2018 with a revenue of $3.66 billion. That’s an almost 14 percent increase compared to last year. The company has also spent the last year raking up acquisitions and expansions. Most recently, it expanded into the northeast, opening a new location in Portland, Maine. Winsupply of N. Portland will serve electrical contractors in the greater Portland area, including southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Following these expansions, the privately-held company has nearly 600 wholesaling locations in 45 states, along with 6,300 employees nationwide. The company staffs 410 employees locally, according to DBJ research.

The company’s three presidents — Roland Gordon, president of Winsupply Inc. and Equity Group; Monte Salsman, president of Winsupply Local Company Group; and John McKenzie, president of Winsupply Support Services Group — shared insights into Winsupply’s latest business moves and what’s in store for the future.

Roland Gordon is president of Winsupply Inc. and Equity Group.

Looking back at 2018, what were some notable highlights for Winsupply?

Gordon: Winsupply set a sales record in 2018, our fifth straight year, along with record profits. Our growth was in the low teens percentage-wise, easily outpacing the country’s overall economic growth. Our nearly 600 local companies led the way with outstanding performances steered by the courageous entrepreneurs who are the heartbeat of Winsupply.

Salsman: Our sales growth was fueled by improved performances at our existing companies; the launch of seven new companies; the full impact of five previous acquisitions in 2017; and our 2018 acquisition of MSI Supply late in the year.

Monte Salsman is president of Winsupply Local Company Group.

What is Winsupply’s continued growth plan moving forward?

Gordon: With an eye on continued growth in the economy and excellent performances of our local companies, we’re optimistic about Winsupply’s growth the remainder of this year.

Salsman: We have a laser-like focus on our customer relationships to grow sales at our existing companies, opening new locations as we attract new entrepreneurs who want to own their own business, and take advantage of acquisition opportunities.

Are there any additional acquisitions in the works?

Gordon: We are actively looking at several potential acquisitions and doing our due diligence to ensure our cultures match up. There is an individual or several individuals who wish to invest equity in the company to make sure we have an owner under every roof.

Salsman: We’re primarily focused on our core industries of plumbing, HVAC, pipe, valves and fittings (PVF), electrical, waterworks utilities and irrigation. It’s difficult to put a number on how many we can expect because of our requirement to get the culture right.

John McKenzie is president of Winsupply Support Services Group.

What are the plans for the recently purchased properties in Moraine?

McKenzie: The adjacent properties we’ve purchased serve two purposes. No. 1, we believe these properties were good values. No. 2 is Winsupply continues to grow, and our support services teams based in Moraine will continue to grow as well, requiring future space. The properties offer us flexibility to meet those needs when the time comes.

What does the rest of the year look like for Winsupply?

Salsman: We have an aggressive growth goal in place. Part of our focus is on enhancing and expanding our digital commerce channel to serve the needs of our customers, whether they buy at the counter, over the phone, at the job site, or online.

Why is Moraine a good place to do business?

Gordon: Moraine is in a great geographical location for our people, allowing easy access to our campus within minutes from anywhere in the Greater Dayton/Miami Valley region. We enjoy a very good relationship with the city and their employees, from the city manager to the patrol officer on the street. In fact, we have a close working relationship with City Manager Mike Davis who we can reach in minutes if needed. The city provides great resources to help our business and not hinder our business. They’re teammates helping us help our customers.

Elizabeth Kyle