Cardboard Boat Regatta

Design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a 50-yard course. Boat design is left to the builders. Let your imagination take over; make your boat look like a race car, flying saucer, dragon, the Queen Mary, etc.  Crew costumes are encouraged.

Click here to register your boat and team for June 12 race

Boat Check In:  11:30am

Races Begin:  12:00pm

Building your boat:

1. Boats will be propelled only by oars, canoe or kayak paddles.

2. Boats must have sides. No surfboard style boats allowed.

3. The ENTIRE boat must be built from cardboard and duct tape.

a. Wood, metal, Styrofoam, paint, rubber inflatable devices or other materials that would provide buoyancy, and/or other materials that would aid flotation or make the hull rigid are prohibited. This applies to the keel, transom, ribs, hull, etc.

4. The boat’s passenger area must not be enclosed above the occupant’s shoulders so as to interfere with escape should the vessel instantly convert itself into a submarine!

5. During competition, crew must be visible IN the boat—not towing it, holding it between their legs, swimming or allowing the life jacket to provide the flotation of the vessel.  Races will begin in the water with crew(s) in the boat.  One or two people may steady a single crew boat or a multi-crew boat.  No pushing boat is allowed.

6. Every crewmember signing up for this event accepts the “Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnification” liability release.

7. Every crewmember must wear an approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

8. Sunken or discarded boats must be disposed of in the designated area.

9. Judges reserve the right to divide entrants into individual heats. Total elapsed time will determine winners to qualify.

10. Contestants are expected to maintain the decorum and dignity of a yachtsman and not behave like pirates. Remember—it’s all for fun!

Contestants can compete in the following age categories:

Single, Youth & Teen (Ages 8 – 17) and Adults (Ages 18 & up)

Multi-Crew, All Ages (8 & up)

Prizes will be awarded for the following:

1st and 2nd Place for Youth & Teen Single Riders

1st and 2nd Place for Adult Single Riders

Titanic Award (Most Spectacular Sinking Boat)

Pride of the Regatta (Most Attractive Boat)