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Additional Notes

The City Manager has attended several meetings regarding the work being done at the Stony Hollow Landfill which has resulted in additional bad odors in the City. Stony Hollow has established an odor alert telephone line (937-356-6203).

This phone number is in addition to the resources available on the website to report odors about. We encouraged residents to continue to report odors via the website; all complaints will continue to be reported to the Regional Air Pollution Control (RAPCA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The City Manager reported the odor is a result of Stony Hollow digging 15 feet deep by 20 feet wide ditches which exposed degrading trash to the environment. He added Stony Hollow has completed this process and will be placing three foot wide wells in the landfill to collect methane gas. Also, the wells will be covered in the evening.

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