Annual Leaf Collection

This program is offered to the Moraine residents for a total of six weeks during the fall season. Collection begins the last week of October and continues through the second week of December. Public Service requests that interested residents rake their leaves into piles and place them next to the street curb.

Please rake your leaves into piles and place them next to the curb before the scheduled dates shown below in your area.

2020 Leaf Schedule

Leaf Pickup: West Side of River

Oct 26-27, Nov 2-3, Nov 9-10, Nov 16-17, Nov 23, Nov 29 – Dec 1

Leaf Pickup: East Side of River

Oct 28-29, Nov 4-5, Nov 11-12, Nov 18-19, Nov 24, Dec 2-3

Amelia, Angus, Beechgrove, Bessie, Blumen, Charles, Charlotte Mill, Clearview, Collins, Cottage, Cozy Camp, Dayton-Germantown, Dorf, Elrod, Elter, Farmersville-West Carrollton, Hemple, Herford, Infirmary, Johnson, Liberty-Ellerton, Loveland, Main, Miami Shores, Munich, Outdoor, Parallel, Paris, Payne, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Park, Schloss, Sellars, Shadyview, Shank, Shorelands, Soldiers Home Miamisburg, Soldiers Home West Carrollton, Swimming Hole, Trace, Trail On, Union, Vance, Venetian, Wienburg, Wiesen, Willowview

Blanchard, Bowman, Cadillac, Champion Oak, Dixie, Dryden, East River, Ellery, Fulton, Genoa, Gladstone, Holman, Hoylake, Janco, Jomar, Kreitzer, Lakehurst, Lamme, Lauderdale, Lehigh, Manistee, Marconi, Mays, Ned, Nyack, Oak, Old Sellars, Orange, Pensacola, Rand, Red Oak, Sibley, Southlawn, Springboro, Telhurst, Viking, White Oak, Willow Oak, Winwood