DMAX looking to hire

Dayton-area truck engine manufacturer DMAX is looking for workers.

The company is having a drive-through hiring event Friday, Dec. 4, at its 3100 Dryden Road plant in Moraine. The event will be from 11 am to 3 pm.

DMAX has immediate openings and is trying to build a pool of new workers.

“General Motors will take every engine we can build,” said Linda Dean, manager of human resources administration for DMAX.

If you’re interested in joining the manufacturing operation, call the Manpower staffing company at (937) 293-0185 or apply online at

“We partner with Manpower to do our hiring,” Dean said. “We’re going to have a socially distant drive-through job fair at our plant on Dryden Road.”

The company is looking for production and skilled trades workers, Dean said.

Making powerful diesel truck engines for joint owners General Motors and Isuzu, the DMAX joint venture has thrived for years, continuing to operate through economic downturns and more, surviving even after a nearby former GM SUV-assembly plant, also in Moraine, shut down in late 2008.

And DMAX has expanded, as well. Construction is all but complete in the area of West Campus Boulevard and Collective Way in Brookville on a new GM-owned DMAX plant.

The new plant is expected to have about 100 employees.

The Brookville plant will operate concurrently with the original DMAX plant in Moraine, sending the established plant machined engine components.

From Moraine, finished diesel engines will go to a GM plant in Flint, Mich., where the engines will be built into the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HDs (heavy duty) trucks.

DMAX in Moraine continues to have about 800 workers.

The hiring event will fill jobs at both locations, Dean said.

GM is installing machines in the Brookville facility now, she said. The building itself is complete. Dean did not have a start-up date for operations in Brookville.

Much of the training for the Brookville plant will take place in Moraine.

DMAX recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. “The track record for most joint ventures is they don’t make it for five (years). Seriously, And we’ve lasted for 20,” Dean said.

DMAX offers a comprehensive medical coverage plan, with no employee premiums required, 401(Ks) and other benefits.