Large Trash: Guidelines & Dates

Please find listed below the guidelines for bulk trash pick-up. The date that the Street Division will be in your neighborhood is on the below dates Please note that several trucks from the Street Division will be picking up the disposal items separately. That is the reason we ask residents to assist the Street Division in separating their disposal items.

Acceptable Items and Guidelines:
Tree trimmings and/or brush must be no longer than 8 feet in length. We ask that residents stack all brush at the curb neatly with butt end facing the street so that it may be easily loaded into the chipper. Please keep all brush separate from all other disposal items.

Paint, batteries, motor oil, metals and appliances containing Freon will be accepted for the bulk trash pick up. Please keep all these disposal items separate from one another.

Tires should also be kept from all other disposal items. Only a total of eight truck and car tires will be accepted for disposal. Tractor tires will not be accepted.

Please place all unwanted items at the curb on the weekend prior to the scheduled pick up date for each area. All bulk trash pick up items must be placed next to the curb by Monday at 7:00 a.m.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated during Moraine’s bulk trash pick up.

Items Not Acceptable:

• 55 gallon drums
• Household garbage
• Asbestos material
• Swimming pool chemicals
• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• Fertilizers
• Photographic chemicals
• Propane tanks
• Fuel, oil, gas or oxygen tanks
• Compressed cylinders

2022 Bulk Pick up Schedule

Bulk Pickup: West Side of River

May 2-6

Bulk Pickup: East Side of River

May 16-20
Amelia, Angus, Aviation, Beechgrove, Bessie, Blumen, Charles, Charlotte Mill, Clearview, Collins, Cottage, Cozy Camp, Dayton-Germantown, Dorf, Elrod, Elter, Farmersville-West Carrollton, Hemple, Herford, Infirmary, Johnson, Liberty-Ellerton, Loveland, Main, Miami Shores, Munich, Outdoor, Parallel, Paris, Payne, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Park, Schloss, Sellars, Shadyview, Shank, Shorelands, Soldiers Home Miamisburg, Soldiers Home West Carrollton, Swimming Hole, Trace, Trail On, Union, Vance, Venetian, Wienburg, Wiesen, Willowview, Wright Blanchard, Bowman, Cadillac, Champion Oak, Dixie, Dryden, East River, Ellery, Fulton, Genoa, Gladstone, Holman, Hoylake, Janco, Jomar, Kreitzer, Lakehurst, Lamme, Lauderdale, Lehigh, Manistee, Marconi, Mays, Ned, Nyack, Oak, Old Sellars, Orange, Pensacola, Rand, Red Oak, Sibley, Southlawn, Springboro, Telhurst, Viking, White Oak, Willow Oak, Winwood