New Online Filing/Tax Preparation Tool

On February 1, 2021, the City’s Income Tax Department unveils a new online tax filing and payment website. This new website provides a user-friendly approach where taxpayers can input their tax information and then produce a calculated and final return. At the time of the electronic filing, the taxpayer will be able to upload their supporting tax documents making a much more enjoyable and faster filing experience.

Taxpayers may access their accounts online to check estimated tax payments and carryover credits. Taxpayers will also be able to make payments towards estimated quarterly taxes and payment plans. The taxpayer can also elect to pay online at the same time of their filing with a credit card for a convenience fee charged by the credit card processor.

The Income Tax Department has been working on providing a seamless tax filing experience for a while. We are finally here! If you want to try out this new product and still need to file, please go to the website