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Private industrial company buys inn, converts it to training site for Moraine Fire

A residential and commercial supplies company expanded their footprint in the city of Moraine by purchasing a former inn to now house a training facility for the city’s fire department.

Winsupply Inc. purchased the former Relax Inn, on the 3300 block of South Dixie Drive, to function as a training site for the Moraine Fire Department rather than a hotel.

The Moraine Fire Department was scheduled to demonstrate the facility for media outlets from June 5 to June 7. The demonstration of training included the following potentially life-saving actions: forcing entry (including non-destructively), breaching of walls, ventilating roofs, disaster response wall marking, and deploying of the hose.

“We’ve always appreciated our ongoing partnership with the city of Moraine,” Bill Tolliver, Vice President of the Wholesalers Property Company, LLC and Assistant Corporate Council for Winsupply, said. “Winsupply is excited to provide a space where our local heroes can enhance their knowledge, capabilities, and skills.”

The purchase comes after the company bought 3300 Kettering Boulevard, which now houses Winsupply of Dayton and the Richard W. Schwartz Center for Innovation.

Winsupply informed that there were no immediate development plans for the bought out Relax Inn location.