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The Ohio 500

Who are the most powerful and influential people in Ohio? There are many, to be sure, but who are the men and women who are truly working to make our state great?

Ohio Business Magazine decided to answer that very question.

They asked readers to fill out an online survey, spoke with our partners, reached out to community leaders and did their own research to create the 2022 Ohio 500.

But this feature was more than a list of people—it’s a look at what leadership means in the state of Ohio. In addition to the list, they have stories that profile influential Ohioans, describe our state’s business history and delve into what’s happening in Ohio’s business’ community today. Ohio is a state that is looking to grow, and these are the leaders that are helping to make that happen.

The only City Manager to make this years list is our very own City Manager, Michael Davis. “City Council and I would like to congratulate Mike on this great accomplishment and recognition,” said Mayor Teri Murphy.

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