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Winsupply’s Support Services Campus Continues to Expand

The Winsupply Support Services campus in Moraine, Ohio, continues to expand with the addition of another local company. Winsupply of North Dayton, under the leadership of president Scott Ballard, will move from its current location at 3739 Inpark Circle in Dayton, Ohio, to Winsupply’s Support Services Campus on Kettering Blvd. between Wilcon and Winsupply of Dayton/The Richard W. Schwartz Center for Innovation. The groundbreaking for this future facility is expected to take place in the fall of 2023 with a grand opening expected in the spring of 2024.

“The continued expansion of the Winsupply campus is a reflection of the company’s determination to drive progress and spur innovation,” said Jeff Dice, President, Winsupply Inc. “This addition will create a more dynamic environment to allow creativity and entrepreneurship to flourish.”

“We are beyond excited to add a premier electrical wholesaler to our Winsupply Campus,” said Bill Tolliver, Real Estate Services / In-House Counsel. “This is another sign of expansive growth of Winsupply and our commitment to the city of Moraine.”

“Scott and the entire team at North Dayton continue to grow their business and drive great results,” said Rob Ferguson, President, Local Company Group. “This new location will allow for future growth and enhance their customer experience. Everyone at Winsupply is very excited to watch this company continue to thrive.”

Designed by John Roll with Roll and Associates Architects, and built by Wilcon Co., part of the Winsupply Family of Companies, Winsupply of North Dayton will total more than 41,000 square feet. This will consist of a local company office and sales counter filling more than 4,200 square feet and more than 23,000 square feet reserved for warehouse storage. Additional square footage will be held for multi-purpose storage and future company needs. The building will include two loading docks, multiple doors for customer pick-ups, custom designed lighting, and will showcase many of the products and services being offered within the company. 

The close proximity to Winsupply of Dayton (a plumbing company) will create both collaboration and cooperation between the electrical and plumbing trades. In addition, Ballard plans to begin selling HVAC products from this same location.

“Our team at Winsupply of North Dayton is excited about the move to the Winsupply campus in Moraine,” said Scott Ballard, President, Winsupply of North Dayton. “We are projecting growth rates double what we have experienced over the last two years. With most of our competitors located in downtown Dayton or north of Dayton, we anticipate significant traffic at our customer counter since we will be one of only a few options south of downtown Dayton. Several of the largest electrical contractors in the Miami Valley will be only a short drive away from our new premier facility. We will have state-of-the-art interactive displays and product demos and the ability to work more closely with the Support Services teams at Winsupply to help us foster creative ways to tailor our business to meet customer needs. We plan to add HVAC and a lighting showroom within the next one to two years. The size of our new facility will also help us accommodate large customer orders that require us to hold materials for the duration of projects. This investment in our Local Company is a move we have known was needed for several years. Now with the opportunity to be located next to Winsupply of Dayton, one of our plumbing locations, and company president, Jeff Williams, we can better serve the electrical and plumbing industries.”

This wonderful addition of another Local Company in Moraine will allow Winsupply Support Services employees to pilot new services and technology within, of an entirely new industry, within just feet of their existing offices.