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Moraine manufacturer invests in Centerville High School students

A Dayton-area high school is expanding its STEM education offerings.

Centerville High School recently received a $7,500 grant from ERNST Metal Technologies LLC in Moraine. The grant will support the purchase of a Haas Computer Numerical Control machine.

The CNC machine is a tool that cuts material as programmed. It’s used to create items out of hard materials like plastics, metals, aluminum and wood.

There an average of 4,000 manufacturing job openings each month in the region, says Adam Ciarlariello, director of secondary curriculum and instruction for the district. That’s why CHS started an advanced manufacturing program with Sinclair Community College in 2018.

“We continue to work with local leaders to look at where job growth is happening in our area and to create programs that are a win-win for our students and our region,” Ciarlariello said.

ERNST Metal Technologies president Jim Burt toured the engineering and manufacturing lab at CHS, where students learn skills that can translate into future career opportunities.

“It’s important to ERNST to support local schools and help kids with any opportunities we can, whether it’s working toward a college degree or a career in the skilled trades industry,” Burt said.

Craig Suttman, career education principal at CHS, says this grant will help students prepare for life after high school.

“We are very fortunate to have leaders from a variety of businesses and industries ready and willing to invest in our students, whether that’s by serving on the advisory board for one of our career education programs, hosting students for an apprenticeship or internship, or making a donation to help us expand program offerings,” Suttman said.

Centerville City Schools is one of the largest districts in the Dayton region. The district serves over 8,000 students in 13 buildings and two preschools.