Parking Ordinance Changes

To address safety and property damage concerns, the City of Moraine has updated its on-street parking ordinances to reflect the following changes effective March 13th, 2022.

Trailers that are unattached from their tow vehicle will no longer be permitted to be parked on the roadway at any time. This includes campers, boat trailers, flatbed trailers, car haulers, box trailers, cargo trailers and any other trailer designed to carry passengers or property. Unattached trailers are subject to towing in addition to parking citations.

Additionally, all vehicles that remain parked, standing or abandoned upon any street for a continuous 48 hour period are hereby designated as obstructions to traffic and may be removed from the right-of-way.  Vehicles parked on the roadway for longer than 48 continuous hours are subject to towing in addition to parking citations.

These updated ordinances involve all roadways in the City of Moraine including highways, through roadways, residential streets, cul-de-sac, dead end streets, etc…

The City realizes this will impact some of our residents that have used the roadway to temporarily park trailers and vehicles. Please make plans now to remove your long-term parked vehicles and trailers from the roadway.

For questions regarding the change in parking ordinances and enforcement of those ordinances, please contact Police Department Community Service Officer Jerry Dunn at 937-535-1180