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Shook lands in Top 10 of DBJ’s Fast 50

As the region emerges from an unprecedented pandemic, Dayton’s grit and determination again has been on display. Among the Miami Valley’s robust business scene, the region’s fastest-growing companies have remained trendsetters.

The Dayton Business Journal’s Fast 50 list keeps tabs on the companies soaring with success. When these companies thrive, a pipeline of continued growth is set for the region’s economy. Many of these companies are active across industries, including technology, construction, financial services and engineering.

These 50 companies saw an average three-year growth of 23.1% — a modest decline from last year’s 26% growth average.

Of the region’s fastest-growing companies, they are geographically scattered across the Greater Dayton footprint, from Middletown to Sidney.

Dayton is looked upon as a hub for innovation, with many fast-growing companies leading the way.

Take Applied Research Solutions in Beavercreek — the firm tops this year’s fastest-growing companies list with a percent growth of 226%. The company — which works with the defense and intelligence communities — is run by managing partners Gary Wittlinger and Kevin Sullivan

“I think the formula is coming up with a good working cadence that won’t kill you but can be sustained for the long term… Occasionally, it feels like it’s gonna kill us, but we usually get past that,” Sullivan joked, “If you can do that with the right team, surely the success will follow.”

Wittlinger continued, “Any company that starts out struggles and has its ups and downs. “I think I helps when you have someone to lean on and help you through that process of ups and downs. (Having a partner) is a tremendous help rather than just having yourself.”

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